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Ystad - Skanör Coastal Line


Crops on a windy day in Österlen along route 19.

Trailing Route 9 From Ystad to Skanör

In the previous post I called it a day in Kåseberga visiting the amazing Ale's Stones. It therefore seems logical to move further west from there and get a touch of the nature and holiday resorts / beaches in southern Skåne. Route 19 from Kristianstad to Ystad is getting familiar by now. This time I made only one stop at the Kronovall Castle in Fågeltofta before reaching the southern coast. Next stop was just west of Ystad, then at Abbekås, at Hörte, at Beddingestrand and a longer stop at Smygehuk. Due to time restraint no stopping at Trelleborg. Better to use up what time is left for now in Skanör - Falsterbo, the end destination for today.


The only wine castle in Sweden - Barock style.

Given the opportunity we want to visit some of the many castles in Skåne. Kronovall´s Castle is still partly in private use, but like so many other castles and manors it is open for the public with daily tours. Åkessons family today runs a hotel, restaurant and conference business in the premises. Eight meters below, in the cellars, they stock tens-of-thousands of sparkling wine. Visitors are welcome to taste the wines. Programs are also organized in the park - July 11 a concert is organized for the homage of Ted Gärdestad.  

WEST OF YSTAD; Abbekås and Hörte 

As Mrs. T and I want to visit Ystad on an other occasion I circumvented the city moving towards the west and stopped by the first beaches for a few shots and an enriching discussion with a gentleman. The topic was world politics especially the situation in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We also touched the migration policy in the Nordic countries which was of particular interest as Mrs. T is now involved with such things. This takes good organization and Mrs. T is notorious for that.

Western Ystad beaches, Abbekås summer coffée shop and the small harbour in Hörte.


Families and parakitors occupied the beach.

Like other villages along the coast also Beddingestrand made its livelihood from the sea. In 1874 it was almost completely destroyed by a storm. Today it is an important holiday resort and attract large crowds. They also have a sizable caravan area. As so many times before I again noticed how getting around for handicapped people is so well organized in Sweden, including Beddingestrand caravan area and also at the next stop at Smygehuk.  


Smygehuk - the southernmost tip of Sweden.

Partly due to its geographical position Smygehuk attracts large crowds of people with some 200.000 visiting the place every year. Skåne is a natural beauty in itself and the contrast with the sea only adds to it. Smygehuk is very active with a tourist office, a youth hostel, an art exhibition, an old lighthouse,  a shop, a restaurant for smoked fish and of course the southernmost TIP itself where you can chill out on a hot summer day - see pictures below. 

1. Tempted by the forceful sea,
2. Protection provided - to be on the safe side,
3. It's over in an instant,
4. Have to tell all the friends!

This was indeed a very hot day, but I was advised that the sea is not particularly warm.


If you look at the map of Skåne you will notice that these villages are on a peninsula and are likely to offer a spectacular scenery - AND THEY DO. Ten Nature Reserves and the mile-long white beaches and lowlands make part of it. Golf and birdwatching is highly popular. On a good day about 1,5 million birds migrate over the region ( The beaches with with their clear water are magnificent and suitable also for windsurfing and other sports activities. Falsterbo Horse Show is a well-known annual event throughout Europe but also Vikings visit Fotevikens Viking Reserve during the high season. Due to its historic past dealing with Atlantic herrings an annual herring festival is organized towards the end of summer. 

Skanör overlooking the bridge of Öresund.

The view towards the Öresund bridge is breathtaking and I stopped briefly before arriving at Skanör to get this windsurfer in the foreground.  

Shallow waters make a perfect practicing field for this windsurfer. 

A promise is a promise and I wanted to head back home on time. The picture ending this blog, below,   shows the beach guards contemplating. Mrs T - I was young and fit once, was I? Now I am only fit ;-)

High Season in Skanör.

HOPE YOU HAVE ENJOYED TODAY'S TOUR - Remember that Skåne is only a short drive from Copenhagen airport. 


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