Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Wittskövle, Forsakar, Baskemölla


Wittskövle - a renaissance castle from the 16th century.

Todays excursion was more easy going compared with the earlier full day programs. A visit to Wittskövle Castle, Forsakar Waterfalls and the small village of Baskemölla filled in some gaps from previous tours south of Kristianstad.

Wittskövle Castle is privately owned and with its 100 rooms the largest of the castles in Skåne. It was constructed as a defensive post with two towers from where the canon fire could reach all the roads (Wikipedia). It is today run as an enterprise engaged in agriculture and forestry. The castle itself is not open to public but the elegant garden can be visited.     www.widtskofleab.com

Wittskövle Castle surroundings (partly in HDR format)


Following a stream in the small ravine with beech trees will lead you to the lower water falls of Forsakar.

The Forsakar Nature Reserve is situated close to the city of Degeberga in Kristianstad municipality and is very easily accessible from route 19. Parking is arranged at Forsakargården (manor) and a path was built to follow the small stream flowing through the 40 meters deep ravine. This short walk takes one through a beautiful beech forest. The upper falls can be reached through another path on the ridge of the ravine - this route is about 2,5 km's long but easy to follow, too. The upper fall has a free fall of 7,4 meters and the lower 10,6 meters and water flow varies from season to season. 

Left the lower section of the water falls and right the upper section.


Stony beaches at Baskemölla.

Driving further south towards Simrishamn will offer several opportunities for a stop; the small villages of Vik and Baskemölla two of them. Baskemölla (230 inhabitants) has a past as a milling and fishing community with its heydays in the early 20th century. Now many houses have been turned into summer residences and tourism is the main industry. The village is beautifully located on the slopes towards the sea and it has a small harbour. Every year during easter an art event called KONSTRUNDAN is organized where all artists from the eastern part of Skåne are invited. Tjörnedalagården is the focal point in the sense that they all display one of their works in this particular house (pictures below).

Baskemölla and Tjörnedalagården.

I enjoyed a very nice day out in the countryside and particularly appreciated the Forsakar environment. It is very easy to access so do not drive past if you are in the area. Hopefully we can take our son and his fiancée there this week, too. Visits to Wanås, Kristianstad and Åhus with its surroundings will take place. A special Ålagille-event with eel-tasting also lure us so we look forward to a very nice week-end with more pictures to follow. Temperatures should drop slightly from the present mediterranean levels - have not had a swim in the sea yet, but was very tempted at Baskemölla.

Do you like home made bread? Mrs. T is also skilled at "crafting" our own bread that CONTAINS OLIVES and tastes like MAGIC. Recipe? Not to be found in any shop!

Enjoy the sunshine and the odd cold beer with your bread!


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