Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Early Sun over Helge Å

A resting place by route 19 with the perfect morning feeling .

This morning I drove Mrs T. to her job north on route 19. We keep an eye on river Helge for mornings like this one - today was the morning. On the way back I had a few stops taking the opportunity to capture the calm and sunny river bends and would like to share it with our readers without using too many words. 

Helge Å direction south.

For our foreign readers short information about Helge Å. It runs up in Småland and ends up in the sea 20 miles away having passed Kristianstad. In Kristianstads area the water level increases creating a wetland that has become Kristianstads Vattenrike Biosphere Reserve with a rich birdlife and recreative opportunities for the whole family.

Looking the northern way.

Different kind of water lilies are appearing.

The sunny western riverbank. 

The sun open up shadows on the river banks.



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