Monday, 21 July 2014

Skanör to Österlen


Just arrived at Skanör - checking the beaches and Mrs T talking to a young girl.

After having started to work with immigrational issues Mrs. T has not had much of an opportunity to join me on my excursions. We have therefore taken an attitude of moving out together once I have done my work and know the most exciting places to visit - and that she also would like to see. I find it a privilege to take her out for a shared experience in order to learn to know Skåne better and better. This week-end Skanör held its annual Baltic Herring Market and this year it was held in collaboration with the Handicraft Market. Handicrafts is a way of living for Mrs. T so this week-end was devoted to Skanör, instead of Ystad International Food Market that was originally scheduled. Having arrived we first had a look over the Skanör lowlands, beaches and the harbour area. Being high season the beaches were crowded and, in addition, the markets drew large crowds to the area. Parking was tight but we managed to find a secluded area at short walking distance. 

A fishing vessel in front of the bridge of Öresund.

Skanör-Falsterbo has its particular attraction because of the geographic position and unique nature. The bridge of Öresund, spanning between Sweden and Denmark adds to the special scenery (above). I was pleased that we had chosen Skanör so that also Mrs. T could get a feeling of the area. We found that the Handicraft Market had more to offer than the Baltic Herring Market and ended up buying special, additive free, spices from NATURKRAFT that is run by Carin Öwall and her daughter Malin. They sell their products throughout the country. Mrs T wanted to purchased one of the new products Svartepetter used for fish and chicken and additionally Kärlekens krydda for pastas and salads. Visit if you are interested in herbs and spices.

The market offered specially designed products like spice & herbal mixtures, decorations and candles.

Mrs T enjoying the warm weather and white sandy beaches. We where equipped with our swimming gear but decided to abstain from a swim this time.

Skanör harbour is very busy this time of the year.

Having done with our shopping and finished our snack lunch consisting of salmon and shrimp sandwiches I proposed to return the coastal way (via Österlen) instead of driving across Skåne County in a northeasterly direction. This way Mrs. T could also experience other busy coastal resorts, Smygehuk, Ale's Stones and the small villages of Skillinge and Brantevik. The day would be long but worthwhile once we where on the move.


More (homemade) sandwiches at Smygehuk.

It was late afternoon so stops at the other places where rather short. Enough to finish our home made sandwiches with some coffee and juice and short walk along the Smygehuk coast for some pictures. Smygehuk is the southernmost point of Sweden. Read more in our previous post of this area.

Mrs. T at Smygehuk pebbled beaches on a windy but sunny and warm day.

Ale's Stones

Mrs T very much also enjoyed the entire area with Ale's Stones on top of the hill and a 360 degrees panoramic view.

When I first visited Ale's Stones I was taken by both the stones themselves but even so of the entire area at Kåseberga. Mrs. T shared my feelings and utterly enjoyed standing by the steep slope for a long time - feeling the wind and watching over the open sea. Simultaneously a group of young people where having a meditational moment in the stoneship itself. This is that kind of a place. Exciting, beautiful and full of a unique atmosphere difficult to describe. One has to experience it personally.

Ale's Stones at a distance and the surroundings with sheep grazing close by.

Skillinge and Branteviken

There is so much to see in Österlen. We particularly like the soft landscape of southern Österlen. It was getting late so we continued our drive along the coast to reach the small picturesque villages of Skillinge and Branteviken. We got out of the car for a walk in the narrow alleys and admired the old historic housing built very tightly. These two former fishing villages interact closely and today form a summer paradise by the sea attracting many people. Yet,  the living seems very tranquil and the large crowds of e.g. Skanör are not to be found here. An unusual and lovely environment, it is.

Three houses at Skillinge along our promenade.

After Skillinge and Branteviken it was time to head straight home, past Simrishamn, Brösarp and Degeberga. We reached Östra Göinge after almost 11 hours and about 300 kilometers. A big hug and a warm thank you to Mrs. T for today. It was a pleasure to share with you some of the treasures that I had discovered earlier. 

A produce of our home garden this summer.

Have a good week everyone!


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