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A zappy market in Hörby


Since 1784

Hörby market has ancient traditions. It was organized for the first time in 1748 and is today a festive two day event that is not without an international tone. The tourist authority from Höör did mention that some markets tend to dwindle away slowly but that this one in Hörby continuously attract the crowds of 100.000 visitors. The market is organized in the city center next to the church that organizes organ concerts during the market days. A fantastic idea that adds to the versatile program. A large field nearby forms the parking lot where also the photographer found his way - eventually.


Hörby - middle of Skåne. Below colorful eastern style decoration represent the international offering.

Due to its geographical location Hörby can be reached easily from anywhere in Skåne. The town has some 15.000 inhabitants and Fulltofta National Park, with its varied hiking routes, is nearby. See our previous post in this blog. The oldest building in the town is the old, dutch type, wind mill that since mid 19th century has developed into a restaurant. Another annual event is a Cultural Junket with  music, dance and theatre performances at the end of May.


Linnéa was very busy on the market days.

In connection with the market there is also a running contest, small animals market and a flee market to mention some concepts. When I for the first time saw the above pictures small mobile "coffée shop" I was excited because everything tries to be mobile nowadays so why not a coffée shop, too. Linnéa said she needs a permit wherever she wants to go but the point is she can go where the crowds are!!! I never asked about rainy days but let's find an excuse in my optimistic nature. I was great looking at Linnéa being so busy with people cueing up for their coffées. Obviously she likes the idea of working differently.

Foreign flavor at supply.

The market concept also has an international flavor into it. Bo-Göran indeed is Swedish but has close ties with Texas where he has recorded some of his music. He learned playing the guitar as a youngster when he responded to an advertisement offering guitar lectures. He paid SEK 25 and got an appreciative answer from the "teacher" thanking for the money and asking him to start learning the guitar. I have now bought my first of his albums. Its called "Amerikanska Irrfärder".

The visitors from Equador where also very skilled with their instruments so I did want to support them, too. Another interesting concept is the Lone Star that organizes festive events in a true western style - YES, in Skåne. Near Höör! Conferencing also but who can wait to take part in the CowboyCombat, BullRiding or a course in Linedance? Tired? Then book one of their cottages - I would, too. Every Saturday they organize a Country Festivity for the whole family. Mrs. T? 

Other international flavors: How about large and juicy cherries from Turkey or Spanish Churros (donut like). Having spent the months in Spain I did try out a churro which is something all Spaniards eat for breakfast (I was told). They come in different toppings but the chocolate is traditional. I asked it the man selling churros was from Sweden or Spain. Quess what the answer was......? GREECE. It's a really small world nowadays. A Greek selling Spanish Churros in Skåne. YESSSS.

If you wonder what the gentleman in yellow shirt is doing he wanted to introduce a political party called Medborgarpartiet. We had a nice conversation and he ended up approving the picture. I also encountered the Swedish Labour Party briefly. Did you think that that's all? No, this was the beginning but a break for coffee or a Western(chili)Burger is now recommended.

Getting ready for the market commotion.


Fishing gear, donuts, jewelry and hammocks.

We exchanged some thoughts about the fishing rods with the older gentleman: Me: "Wonder if these are Swedish manufacture?" He: "Vem fasingen vet" which means something like !"Who knows, they all come from China anyway". Fishing is an important hobby here and Spinn Sport in Kristianstad an important supplier. Mrs. T would have liked the yellow cloudberries because she fancies a "jammy" British sandwich in the morning. She would have also liked many other things like jewelry, the hammock, leather wallets.........Besides the CD record from Bo-Göran I purchased black waste bags for the garden. I remembered that they where almost exhausted. Like me at that point.

Flowers, brushes, shoes, clothing, cashew nuts and warm sugar coated almonds (big favorite from Spain)  and flee market goodies.

It is important to find ways in making yourself stand out. Advertising is one way. The yellow sign says STOP SMOKING. START HERE!! Who ever wrote it DID find the right place for the exclamation mark. Otherwise it might have been difficult to know whether to stop or start (smoking).


I remember doing this, too.

It is great seeing the kids cheering, laughing and shouting. The second picture from the bottom shows a particularly noisy machine. My stomach told me to take the picture and move on.

It was getting late. I had some driving to do and also needed to pick up some fresh flowers for our living room. I also stopped by at a furnace supplier, but he was not in so I made my appointment with Mrs. T on time. The final picture below is seeing other visitors leaving the busy market. Hope you have enjoyed the Hörby Market. Want to come next year?

Ready with the market and time to catch the bus home.



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