Tuesday, 23 December 2014

A sunny day out at Wanås grounds

It is a December day and the sun is shining. A perfect day for a walk in Wanås park and the surrounding woodlands photographing.

The Park & Woodlands
The Pond
The Art
The Macroworld

Entrance to Wanås park.

Östra Göinge is the Green Heart of Scania and today's pictures from Wanås grounds will give evidence of that. Not only green but colorful in general - and this is middle of December. Mrs T and I had a 3,5 hour long walk on this sunny day. The night had been chilly so the pond was covered by a thin layer of ice that had trapped the green leaves of water lilies just beneath the surface. The frozen surface of the ice formed natural artistic patterns beautiful to watch. This was the first time that we have seen ice on this pond.

We moved on following the tracks and occasionally stepped into the bushes to find objects and good angles for the cameras. Walking in a beech forest is easy and enjoyable. Today the sun lit up the colors and provided for exciting and long shadows everywhere.

The forest and woodlands

Still colorful in December.

 Natures own piece of art - resting on a bed of leaves.

The Sculpture Park

This park is also a Sculpture Park, a home for international contemporary art including more than 50 permanent sculptures. Seems that everytime we come here we find some that are new to us. Some 60-80.000 visitors come to Wanås every year, but today we where almost the only ones in the woods. What can you do here? A lot - read their website at www.wanas.se

A stop by some of the art works. Mrs T and her helicopter performing.

More produce of Mrs. T

We both enjoyed this day. The apparatus that Mrs. T carries does not make up for the state of the art camera, but today this did not worry her the slightest. The result was a multitude of really great shots. Some from the forest and some from the stone walls crisscrossing the area. The wall around the park area, an art work in itself, carry plaques with thoughts of the artist like the one below. 

Humidity allow for moss to thrive on stones and trees alike.

Colors, colors, colors.....

Macro images

Using macro lenses for close up pictures is time consuming so while I do these Mrs. T has the time to wander about on her own finding different camera angles for herself and passing on hints to me for good macro objects. 

Macro features.

Chlorophyll and the color of the leaves

A glance at Wikipedia reminds us of why and how the colors change. From our biology classes we remember that chlorophyll, a pigment, exists in the cells of the leaves to capture solar rays and transform the energy into food for the plant. Therefore leaves are green in the summer. When the air gets cooler the veins that carry in and out the fluids are sealed off and the level of chlorophyll is reduced allowing for other colors to emerge. Certain cyanins are responsible tor the red-purple coloration.

Green summer colors transfer into autumn colors on the ground.

Wrapping up

Wanås Castle and its surroundings.

We are happy to live in a green-blue section of Scania with beech forests, lakes, fields and a shoreline with different seasonal aspirations and changing photogenic opportunities including a mixture of nature, culture and history. Workshops and markets add to the opportunities to experience new things and meet new people - and also to continuously write new blogposts. Hope you liked this hike into the nature. For historical and more artistic reading see our previous posts or visit the Wanås website.

Thank  you for interest in following us today. Tomorrow is the starting point of end of the year festivities. Have yourselves a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year everyone.

All  the best!


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