Monday, 1 December 2014

Bosjö Abbey Ambient Xmas Market

A Christmas Market for the whole family included e.g. 
            • Handicrafts and delicacies
            • Music performance in the abbey
            • Christmas present-hunt and barn with animals
            • Art exhibition
            • Exclusive hand made gifts
that lay ground for an old-fashioned, atmospheric Christmas Market.

Bosjökloster seen from the lakeside.

Bosjö Abbey used to be an old Benedictine monastery dating back to 1080 AD. It was closed down in the 16th century and ended up being privately owned - today by the Bonde family. The church still exist next to the Castle itself. There is also a 1000 year old oak that comes into leafe every spring ( The Castle and Abbey is close to Höör by the lake Ringsjön. They organize musical events, exhibitions, conferences,weddings, parties and offer guided tours.

Bosjökloster on route 23 in the municipality of Höör. Googlemaps.

Having entered the premises we first met with Jessica (Jessie) Johansson that was promoting her CD "Amore". Her musical profile comes close to Sarah Brightman (!!!!) and she has performed with Andrea Bocelli. She is very popular in Asia. When her first CD was released there 10 years ago Jessie unfortunately fell ill suffering from cancer. She still fights for her life and does not want to give up because she values life too much (Kristianstadsbladet 6.5.2004). We are the proud owner of her CD and share her humble vision of life and the musical world. May she find the strength and courage to continue her work and her life. We regret very much having missed your performance!

Jessie greeting Mrs T. Thank you for this photo, Jessie.

Time was a bit scarce this time as we were expecting a phone call from old friends from Finland passing our way driving towards Andalucia. Our wish was to attend the choir concert in the church but before that Mrs. T had time enough to explore some of the handicraft offerings, below. The camera tried to trail her closely in the crowd.

Colourful yarn for new socks from 

Colorful bags made by Ateljé Quiltabritt.

Wool caps and apples of wood made by Claus & Gunhild Becker,

Smithwork by Leif Persson, phone 0705-51 08 14, Blossehus Konstsmide.

Like in Hässleholm the quality of the work on display from these family businesses was extremely high and it is our pleasure to promote them. We exchanged a few words with the producers and Gunhild Becker was very mindful that we mention that her husband has produced the wooden apples. Leif is organizing his own christmas market 13th - 14th December and welcomes everybody to his workroom two kilometres from Osbyholm towards Fulltofta. Mrs T ! He also produces chandeliers!

The Choir "Malmö Vokalensemble" and church interior at Bosjö Abbey.

Malmö Vokalensemble was founded in 1998 and has since then performed both in Sweden and internationally conducted by Britt Nessler. Members of the choir are all either professional singers or teachers of music. Their repertoire cover sacral music, from pop and jazz to folk music. This afternoon we enjoyed e.g. a new version of Gläns över sjö och strand and at the end Stilla Natt, Heliga Natt where all had the chance to sing along. A few words was changed with the clergyman at the church that kindly recommended that we also visit the graffiti art exhibition while enjoying a cup of julglögg (or local gluhwine). 

Mrs. T admire the graffiti work.

Colourful and skilled graffiti work,  

The producer, Jimmy "Skize", has a long experience from working with graffities. He has worked professionally on outdoor walls since 2003 and continued to develop his skills over time. It does not only take to understand colors and spraying techniques but the skills of the hand and the eye fulfilled a masterpiece. Jimmy also paint on canvas where he also uses paint brushes to finalize all minor details. We talked at some length with Jimmy before we had to head back home.

Thank you Jessie, Leif, Ing-Britt, Gunhild, Jimmy and everybody else for a memorable visit to Bosjökloster Christmas Market. For more information about Bosjökloster read our earlier blogpost or visit their website. Next weekend is reserved for Åhus. Have a great week and take care everyone.


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