Friday, 5 December 2014

Söderåsen Wilderness

Klöva Hallar

Part of Söderåsen Nature Reserve, a more remote section of it.

A view over Klöva Hallar from the ridge on a cloudy day.

Söderåsen is a ridge, a horst, with Scanias highest point 212 meters above sea level. It appeared about 150 million years ago and has several fissure valleys covered by forest. The visitor centre is on the southern side (near Kopparhatten) and is easily accessible while Klöva Hallar is on the northern side and more difficult to access. It is a new section of the park and was earlier mainly known by the locals, climbers and scouts (Karin / Utflykt Skåne). I am probably one of the more unexpected photographing visitors and certainly thew only one this afternoon to climb down to the valley to photograph the small stream Klöva and the steep slopes.

Söderåsen, Klöva Hallar marked on the map.

To find Klöva Hallar look up the small village of Krika and then follow the signs. No point in trying to find a short cut, I tried only to find out that there is none (across the ridge for example) and ended up washing my car later. You will find a parking place where the easier part of Klöva Hallar begins and where you more easily can move down on the slopes. The beech forest is the first thing you will notice and Skåneleden crosses right through it. The fallen colourful leaves formed an even and soft "quilt" to walk on.

Next to the parking lot - a gorgeous beech tree forest in an autumn dress, leaves fallen to the ground.

I followed the ridge for a while. It offered very nice views over the valley but I soon realized that one has to climb down to capture the stream and the tree covered slopes better. So I returned back across the beech forest and found places to descend from. Mind you, this is not easy with camera gear so take your time and check for good camera angles on the way down. Mind your step, will you!

Captures from above and down by the Klöve stream.

In some places the slopes are 60-70 meters high going straight up and then again down in the valley the situation can be rather cramped with fallen trees and stones all over the place. If you find a path to follow it may only be for a short distance. Moving around here will take a considerable amount of time and effort. The result, however, may be pictures that not many have and offer a real adventure in the Scanian wilderness. There is also no need of rushing ahead as the immediate environment offer much to photograph.

Steep slopes, dense vegetation and Klöva stream. Watch out for sinking grounds!

Klöva stream - wonder how this will be in the summer time with all the leaves.

Klöva Hallar is reported to be rich in mushrooms, lava and moss varieties as well as different insects, birds and bats ( The stony slopes are a result of water freezing during cold periods making the rocks on steeper partitions to crack and causing stones to fall down. Besides the creation of a simple infrastructure like parking spaces there are no big plans to develop Klöva Hallar but the intent is to preserve its present natural status.

Vegetation on a tree by the stream.

Views at the bottom of the valley.

It is not possible to get lost in this environment as the valley and the stream will guide you. At some point I felt being blocked by the nature from continuing so I decided to return the same way I had come. Half way up  the slope I was gasping for air and sat down for a rest, called Mrs. T to say hello and check how things are back home. My stomach then screamed for the sandwiches and drink waiting in the car. 

Following Klöva stream.

A bit further and then turn right up the slope.

It is better to sit down and rest for a while when climbing up. Stones are loose so mind your step!

The return back home was planned to go via Gunnarstorp Castle dating back to the 17th century but unfortunately a dangerous mold that easily spreads had hit the 400-year old boxwood hedge and entry into the area was therefore prohibited.

How did you like this excursion to the wilderness - a nice change from the present seasonal markets, is it? Nevertheless, tomorrow you will find us at Åhus Christmas market so stay tuned, will you. Have a very good weekend everyone!


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