Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Kristianstad by Night

How does Kristianstad come out in the evenings?

Kristianstad theatre building in Tivoli Park.

Kristianstad is a lively city daytime with its shopping streets, the lovely Tivoli Park and with an immediate access to Naturum Vattenriket Visitor Centre. Thoughts have been expressed about photographing Kristianstad in the evening with its lights. The idea became reality in January after the holiday season was over and there also was a need for some exercise and fresh air. Our tour starts at the Naturum Visitor Centre by river Helge. This biosphere reserve is open all year around. It carries exhibitions and offers guided tours in the surrounding nature. It is also possible to take a promenade along marked paths on your own.

Naturum Vattenriket Visitor Centre top left.

Opposite the visitor centre on the other side of the river is the Tivoli Park with its bird lakes, plantations, playing areas and the city theatre. Hälsoträdgården with its garden, plantations and natural beauty is designed to work as an anti-stress factor for any visitors there. The orangery with its meeting facilities has recently been opened concluding this wonderful project (below).

The orangerie with christmas decorations.

We can then enter the open park area that originally was a meadow outside the city walls. When trees where planted in the 19th century and the pavilion opened the Tivoli was named according to the Tivoli in Copenhagen (www.lansstyrelsen.se). The city theatre, in the middle of the park, was opened in 1906 and is nowadays one of the oldest theatres still in use in Sweden. It offers a wide repertoire of plays, musicals, concerts, dance and lectures (www.kristianstad.se). 

Tree areas are also nicely lit in the evenings.

Two blocks away is the city centre with its pedestrian shopping centre and restaurants. The city centre was voted the city center of the year 2014 in Sweden. The shopping streets where still nicely decorated with christmas lights but streets almost empty after closing hours.

Boutiques in the city centre.

On my way home: more lights in the downtown area.

Removal of shadows revelas the branches of this tree and fills the entire picture area.

This concludes our evening city tour in Kristianstad - voted the city centre of the year 2014.
Hope you like it as we do. Have a very good end of the week.


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