Friday, 9 May 2014

Welcome to Skåne

Welcome to Skåne

A view along the Alma river, Northeastern Skåne.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! Our broadband is operational and we can continue blogging. We have settled down in Skåne, Southern Sweden, the region of OpenSkies that offer such richness in cultural events, historical sites and summer markets among other things. Much of them take place in an open air setting starting from may and continuing until late autumn. Before I continue on Skåne issues Mrs. T and I would like to send a warm greeting to all our friends in Andalucia that we parted from a month ago. Thank you again for your kind hospitality and for sharing your great region with us. Our experience was overwhelming and thanks to our PhotoBook "Andalucia Our Way" we have the chance to "travel back" every day if we want to.  For any of our new readers you may be interested in reading about our Andalucian explorations in the blog: 

OpenSkies near Christinehov.

Where Andalucia offer skies full of amazing mountain landscapes Skåne offer the complete contrast with OpenSkies. This, together with the difference in climate, provides a photographer new opportunities. The pictures and the text of the blog will cover as much as possible different events in the region. Many events are held in cultural or historical settings which will make our work interesting and hopefully tempting for the readers. We must apologize to our Swedish readers that we have chosen english as our reporting language. This is simply due to our wish to reach out to a broad public and make everyone interested in the region. Any comments from the readers will be highly appreciated. Kommentarer är mer än välkomna också på svenska

Some orientational facts on Skåne

Skåne is a scandinavian region that belonged to Denmark for centuries and became part of Sweden in the late 17th century after the so called Danish Wars. The area is only 10,9 km2 which for us means an easy access top all corners of the region. The population, 1,2 million, largely live along the coastline with Malmö as the largest city. However, with the bridge over the strait of Öresund to Denmark, we can interestingly also talk about the Öresunds region that would also include the western parts of Denmark - mainly Sealand that again offer so many more things to experience. Of the Skåne region about 70% is cultivated, the maximum elevation is 212 meters above sea level and the lowest point 2,4 meters below sea level (not too far from where we live). Skåne offers three National Parks, 240 castles and 500 churches. In 1070 Adam of Bremen wrote that "Skåne is the beauties part of Denmark. It has a good supply of men, rich in merchandise and full of churches. With its churches Skåne is twice the size of Sealand" (Wikipedia). Locally Skåne is considered to be the bellowed region in culture and art and we have all the reason to believe this is so. Professionals like designers, dressmakers, artists and "happy amateurs" seem to work hand in hand. Art galleries, museums, musical events, theatre and opera throughout the region offer something for everyone. And we have taken careful note of the fact that handicapped people are carefully considered with accessible entrance to the venues.

Sunny beech trees early spring.

Thank you for your interest in this blog. It is written for you and therefore any comments or recommendations are most welcome.

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