Sunday, 18 May 2014

Settling in and discovering northeastern Skåne.

Our roofed terrace gradually in use.

It is now almost 1,5 months since we brought our belongings to Skåne. After a methodical approach we have gradually turned our home to look like we appreciate it. Mrs. T's eye for decor and color is infallible so she is the given master designer in charge. The roofed terrace is also taking shape nicely. The sharp eye, nevertheless, spots that there are still things missing. Some kind of a fire place is under heavy discussion both with Mrs T and any future supplier. With some additional lighting and "flower power" this area of the house will be our oasis. The former owners Bo and Christina left us a villa easy to manage. Best regards to Kristianstad were they now live.

A garden in our liking!

Having had a garden before we understand the work it requires if it is to be kept in shipshape condition.  Bo has been looking after the garden "all day long" according to the neighbors. And again, our main task is to give the maintenance it requires and, with time, maybe do the alterations we might want. Our lawn mover is red like the Ferrari and has about as many "buttons" including an electric start. It is also self driven so who ever controls the machine need to watch out not to skid out in the curves. If the route gets too bumpy it is better to elevate the machine to give more lawn space. The area where we live is unbelievable calm - except when it is lawn moving times. Then everyone is out at the same time and I can understand why some carry ear protection.

Natural beauty early spring near our home.

Helge Å is a narrow river that runs for about 200 km's through the local landscape. It passes also Kristianstad where it is part of the biosphere area "Vattenriket" and later divides into several side streams, one of them passing Åhus. Part of Kristianstad area is 2,4 meters below sea level and the water supply into the area is controlled but large areas, nevertheless, gets flooded from time to time. These wetlands have been turned into a successful tourist attraction with a rich birdlife and good fishing opportunities. Kristianstads Vattenriket Biosphere Reserve (by UNESCO) is open all year and organizes guided tours and other activities. The visitor centre is at short walking distance from the city centre. If arriving by car cross the river and follow the signs to find a large parking area.

Wanås Manor

We have mentioned Wanås Castle before in our posts but would like to introduce it once more as our villa is very close to it and actually built on its former grounds. First dwellings on the castle site were built in late 15th century and during the following centuries the castle had an important role in the wars between Denmark and Sweden. Today Wanås is still privately owned and more than just a castle. It operates an ecologically branded agricultural complex and displays an art collection as well as a sculpture park with more than 50 sculptures also from international sculptors. A shop and a coffee house serves the visitors. For more information see

Broby, Christinehof, Bäckaskog and Hovdala.

Skåne has some 250 castles and manors in addition to several hundres churches. During the 20th century many has been renovated and transformed into multipurpose activity centers be it in contemporary art, hotel and restaurant activity, musical events or e.g. exhibitions of many kinds. Hovdala (centre and bottom right) organized a first of may celebration with the fantastic Lunds Students Choir performing. They will also organize a medieval tournament, musical events among many other events. Christinehof in Brösarp (far left) organizes different kind of exhibitions and offer conference and lecturing facilities. Many programs are for children and families. Bäckaskog (top right) has been turned into a a hotel and restaurant. They also offer different kind of nature activities, conference facilities and special events. Many activities are centered around the castle, manors or public buildings so we are closely monitoring weekly programmes. The coming week Kristianstad celebrates its 400th anniversary for three days filled with programme. We plan to be there, too.

In conclusion, we have settled in nicely and are getting to know the northeastern part of Skåne. The necessary administrative work has been done and we have more time for our every day activities be it baking, lawn moving or PhotoHiking excursions.

Freshly baked by Mrs. T. Unbelievably nice and soft texture and a super taste.  

Have a nice week! We will be back soon!

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