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Copenhagen Opera House

Öresundsregionen got a massive kick when the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö was finished in 2000. The region is now said to be the most integrated transnational area in Scandinavia with 3,8 million inhabitants from both Sweden (Skåne) and Denmark (Sealand, Mön, Falster, Lolland and Bornholm). Many international corporate headquarters are situated here and the housing and labourmarkets have become very interactive. A special committée coordinates matters of the region. A quarter of both countries GNP is produced in the region and it is one of the leading research centers in Europe with its 12 universities. In IT alone there are 10.000 companies. Biotechnology is another important sector. Not to mention the growing opportunities within tourism, culture and attractiveness for any international events. For Region Skåne the development of the collaboration over Öresund is one of the most important issues. OBVIOUSLY WE WANTED TO HAVE A TASTE OF THIS BY SPENDING TWO DAYS IN THE REGION.

One day in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen was busy on the day we arrived because of the Eurovision Song Contest and the event was clearly visible in the city centre. This was not of much interest to us but instead we stepped onboard a tourist vessel to experience the waterfront of Copenhagen. This was new to me although Mrs T insisted that we have done it before....but she was not quite sure of the city in question. Anyway, Copenhagen looks different from the sea; its opera house, the queen's yacht as Mrs T well pointed out, war time torpedo boat sheds, the harbour area and the city waterfront were interesting. Lunch at Nyhavn is a must even with all the tourists around. After our curry and salmon we walked up to the botanical garden; a heaven in the city centre for anyone that have walked most of the day.

Our program for the following day was entirely open so we decided to have some breakfast and then check with the Information Center opposite the railway station for alternative programmes. This centre is by the way very useful. We opted for a train journey to Helsingör in northern Sealand.

Helsingör on the second day of our trip to Öresundsregionen.

Having purchased the train tickets we collected our luggage and headed for the station. Train services are frequent and it would take 45 minutes to reach Helsingör. The area north of Copenhagen and along the cost is beautiful and relaxed after a day in the busy city center. Once in Helsingör the main street, Stengade, is only a block from the train station. See above pictures. We had no time for Kronborg castle this time but walked the streets of the town instead, bought some Danish cheese that left a suspicious odeur in the train on our way home. Before departure we had what we wanted from the start: DANISH SMÖRREBRÖD with different kinds of marinated herring and the herrings were not small believe me. This required the largest beer available and schnapps of course. I could not have more because I was going to drive, she's said. Another thing we learned is that the Louisiana Modern Art Center is along that train journey. A must next time Mrs. T said. We can board a train in Hässleholm and sit tight all the way to Helsingör - talk about integration here!

Is this becoming a habit? No no no no because this was Red Aalborg - that's different.

Why do our blogs end with a "CHEERS" ?

Take care and see you next time!

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