Monday, 12 May 2014

Degeberga and Ålakusten for gardening and eel-sandwhiches on Mother's Day.

Degeberga village museum.

Degeberga is a small but active community south of Åhus in the Kristianstad municipality. They organize annually a general market and an antique market, an event in folkmusic and now for the second time a gardening fair that was placed in the park with the village museum. The museum area itself has 10 historical buildings including a mill, a smithery, a school and an old-fashioned shop all furnished with traditional everyday items that gives an understanding of how we lived in the past. 

The coast south of Åhus down to Kivik is called the "Coast of Eels" because for a long time the fishing of eel provided for the main source of income to the region. The fishing was strictly controlled  and the fishermen held specific rights for the fishing that could be expensive. Special huts were built to give protection for the equipment and the fishermen themselves. Out of 80 huts some 30 remain today in use. Fishing of eel has reduced due to environmental reasons. The eel we bought later that day was from North Atlantic.

Details from Degeberga museum.

The gardening fair was organized for the second time in Degeberga and has been a success as, according to Kristianstadsbladet, thousands of visitors (including us) have found their way there. Anything but garden furniture was on display. Our interest was mainly to get a first glimpse of what is on offer. It is tempting to load oneself with different plants but we really want to move step by step. However, we did find some lilies (of the valley) that we fancied and bought. It was mother's day (in native Finland) so the idea was also to have a good meal to celebrate the day. Instead of the traditional restaurant Mrs. T opted for the "makkarasämpylä" or "korv med bröd" which means sausage and a roll in addition to spending the money on the lilies. At this point of time we were unaware of the eel-shop en route to home. 

The Gardening fair in Degeberga offered some sausages with bread, too.

Having finished our sausages Mrs. T wanted to take a closer look at the seaside beaches near Yngsjö on our way home. We discovered a large area of summer cottages throughout the coast. It is now easy to understand how population triple during the season. The sandy beaches are miles long and worth another visit on a sunny (summer)day. My camera did not fancy the wet conditions so we got back to the car and continued towards Åhus. On the left side of the road we soon discovered a "rökeri"(producers of smoked fish) that we have noticed can be found here and there in the region. We immediately thought that this is the opportunity to get our ration of smoked fish (our local Coop had sold out the other day). We could not wait to park the car before rushing in the shop where we were welcomed by this elegant and service minded young person. They offered different kind of delicacies from meat to fish and home made salted crispy thin bread. Mrs T warned me not to get too excited but we could not resist some smoked eel, matured danish cheese the crispy bread and some strong and sweet mustard especially for Mrs. T. The service and the products of this "Rökeri" was outstanding, see  for more details.

Situated between Åhus and Yngsjö.

Having thanked the youngster in the shop we decided to head straight home. Upon arrival we met Mats who was kind enough to lend us some readily packed and fertilized soil for the lilies and the Ramlök we bought the day before. Mrs T said that it is no rush to plant them right now. I did it anyway because the rain was on and off throughout the day. It would be "off" if I did not do the planting and it would be "on" whenever I would do it. This was one of those days. NEVERMIND we tried the eel today based on a home-made recopy by Mrs. T and WHAT A DELICIOUS SMÖRREBRÖD WE HAD. The eel has a taste entirely different from other fish dishes. The aroma is fantastically soft and yet so tasteful so now need to keep our eyes on the forthcoming eel-partys. We did not have ABSLOUT vodka this time but another schnapps from Raseborg, Finland that is spiced with elder. A very nice schnapps that has to be specially ordered from the shop in Ekenäs, Finland. Will now check if there is some left.......:)

Eel-sandwhiches with schnapps and our investments towards our garden.


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