Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Autumn in Forsakar

A return to Forsakar nature reserve and the water falls.

Forsakar changing colors.

Forsakar has become a big favorite for both Mrs. T and myself where we always want to return. Walking into the nature reserve takes the visitor to a completely different world that is allowed to develop freely without the touch of human hand. It is also said that it (the ravine) has been made by giants and that it is the home for the Pixie, the Neck and the "Skogssnuvan" that in Swedish saga is a genius spirit taking a female shape and that rules the forest. Earlier there was no road up to the water falls but today anyone can walk the short distance along the ravine to the falls. The ravine is surrounded by a fabulous beech forest and we cannot wait to get back here in spring time for all the blooming flowers.

The above picture is showing one of the three dams built to harness the water for power. The picture has entered a photographic competition in Finland and Sweden. May I here take the opportunity and express my appreciation to Mrs. T who has continuously supported my photographic interests and made me take progressive steps all the way to the present situation where we have multiple techniques at our hands that can transfer our hobby into a very attractive and exciting show.

Colours are now light green-orange-yellowish.

Most of the leaves have now fallen down and form a continuous "bed" on the ground that is almost too delicate to step on. My only task this time was to photograph the water falls but the nature stopped me all the time until I had exhausted the batteries for the camera. The path follows a brook that now runs more forcefully. Every bend seems photogenic and therefore difficult to pass without taking pictures. 

Walking towards the main water falls.

A unique space - Forsakar is!

Eventually I approach the water falls meeting some fellow photographers returning from their own mission. Forsakar IS very popular and rightfully so. The scene has changed from the summer. The lush greenery of the summer is almost gone, more trees have fallen and been left where they are but the same spirit exist in another exciting format. 

Forsakar upper falls.

The upper falls are further away and require a small climb up on the ridge of the ravine. The nature with the beech forest and the sight down towards the ravine bottom gives a different view over the area. The sun is low this time of the year and lights up the top of the trees creating a different and exciting atmosphere to photograph. 

Upper Forsakar falls.

The upper part is more cumbersome to approach.

Indeed, approaching the upper part of the falls is more difficult as  the slopes are steep and slippery. Finding a place for your tripod is also a challenge but having found the right place the reward is there. Many nice pictures where shot this time, but so many more left at Forsakar waiting for the photographers to return. 

The below picture from this summer reminds us of Forsakar dressed in green and this time concludes our blogpost. Hope you have enjoyed this little excursion.

Lush greenery in the dry season.

Enjoy the upcoming week-end and take care, all.


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