Thursday, 30 October 2014

A crispy morning in Knislinge

Östra Göinge, The Green Heart of Skåne.

River Helge flows through Knislinge.

Today was the first crispy morning in our home town, Knislinge, in northeastern Skåne. Moisture on the window screen of our car had frozen overnight and was swiftly removed as Mrs. T needed a lift to work. Changing for winter tires the day before was well scheduled. The crispy air and the warmer water in river Helge created a strong mist as the sun was rising. The nature showed its beauty this morning and once Mrs T was safely in Broby I returned home for the camera and headed for the riverbank in Knislinge. The crispy air, the raising sun and a cloudless sky turned the nature into a fantastic wilderness scenery unique in Skåne - and remember, we are less than two hours from Copenhagen. 

Early morning over River Helge.

River Helge is the largest river in Skåne measured by volume of water running in it. It passes Kristianstad and Åhus ending at the sea. The river is harnessed by eight power stations over a length of 200 km. This is our first autumn in our new home town which is the largest municipality in Östra Göinge and only 20 km's from Kristianstad. The Wanås Castle with its magnificent Art Collection in the park is near to us. For pictures, see the previous blogposts.  

River Helge southern view.

Östra Göinge and Knislinge are not only interesting because of its nature but they also have an interesting history dating back to the 17th century because of the Danish-Swedish war that ended in Skåne being permanently becoming Swedish territory. The Snapphane guerrilla was very active and Wanås estate one of their strongholds. The Danish king Christian IV had Kristianstad built and as an architect himself constructed the beautiful church of Trefaldighetskyrkan. This was a short communication enhancing the fact that the area has an important cultural heritage to preserve and indeed is well described by the (tourist) authorities.

This morning was unbelievably beautiful.

Östra Göinge i being marketed as the southernmost wilderness in Sweden with lush beech forests and excellent opportunities for fishing, camping, canoeing, hiking and other outdoor activities. It is also the home of black diabase (see our previous blogpost) and offer a broad range of cultural activities. Hope you liked today's news and the wilderness scenery from Knislinge and river Helge.

Enjoy the forthcoming week-end and take care!


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