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Kivik Apple Market 2014

Kivik Apple Market 2014

Apple Installation; Design and production (using 35.000 apples) by artist Emma Karp Lundström.

This was the first time for us to visit this particular annual market that attract about 20-25000 visitors in Kivik, Österlen. The first market was organized 26 years ago when the ban for importation of foreign apples was lifted and there was a need to raise the profile of domestic fruit. It's mainly about apple in all formats; as raw material and processed product of many kinds. We even tasted some chicken soup with apples as an ingredient. Visiting Kiviks Musteri adds a special flavor to the happening. They process (Nordic) fruits and berries without unnecessary additives in order to preserve the natural taste of their end product (juice, cider, wines). They are open for the public and organize different kind of (tasting) events and their Apple House display their activities for visitors. 

Kivik is a welcoming small town. On this day temporary parking spaces are required.

Fruit at Kivik Musteri.

The market itself is a two day event by the harbour of Kivik. Its popularity is massive so it is advisable to come with time or even on both days (ticket valid for both days). Jack Vreeswijk and Sean Banan and other artists entertain while people bargain for product at offer. We opted to purchase smoked fish and marinated herrings from Buhres that has been awarded with many prices including the Swedish Seafood Award. We have by now tasted our "catch" and found it absolutely superb. As many others we have now become Buhres fans (www.buhresfisk.se). 

A vivid market place.

It seemed that the whole town of Kivik is putting together an effort to produce something extraordinary. The organizers and the sponsors of the market, the management of Kiviks Musteri and four sailing vessels arriving for the happening have put together a class act. The Schooner Klara-Marie, the ketch Sarpen (below), the yacht Hoppet and the ketch Helene joined up outside Simrishamn to sail together into Kivik.  Sarpen was built in 1892 in Denmark and during 1917 - 1962 it transported concrete in Sweden. In 1963 she was purchased by a scoutorganisation in Simrishamn that turned her into a training ship offering programs also for the public. 

Sarpen leaving Kivik for their return trip to Simrishamn.

Hoppet and Sarpen (leaving) in the harbour of Kivik. 

Kiviks Musteri 

Entrance to Kiviks Musteri

Kiviks Musteri is an interesting company with a clear profile; passion for food and drink, spiced with an Österlen lifestyle and a strong engagement for the region (www.kiviksmusteri.se). This family company wants to uphold old traditions but at the same time think in new directions. They are one of the largest enterprises in the region with 140 employees. It is also very welcoming towards the public with their own shop, a restaurant offering dishes with their own recipes and local produce, the Apple House" including e.g. a model production unit, a well kept garden and much more to make a visit MOST INTERESTING. More than 200.000 persons visit Kiviks Musteri annually. 

Kiviks Musteri; Quality Throughout!

Tried; Great

                  Not tried; YET
Tried; Great
Tried; Great

Mrs T and I were overwhelmed by our days trip to the Kivik Applemarket and the Kiviks Musteri. One day proved a bit short for our visit but then, again, the Musteri factory can be visited again any time. We now have joined "Kiviks Vänner" to receive news, recipes, competitions and special offers from them. Kiviks Musteri seems to be in an expanding phase and we wish them success in their efforts.

Hopefully we have been able to interest our reders in Kivik and its offerings. Fellow Finns traveling south through Skåne has much to offer. Kivik is one very good option.

Have a very good week everyone!


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