Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Äspet sunrise at 6.09 AM


First shed of sunlight over the horizon.

The golden hours are important fort photographers because of the exclusive light conditions early mornings or late evenings. This time I reached Äspet, south of Åhus half an hour before sunrise, chose the right place from earlier visits and set up the camera. While waiting for the sun to appear there is enough light to capture scenes like the one above; some mist and clouds far away and first sunstrokes appearing above the horizon. The following pictures will take you through the sunrise moment by moment.

But before that briefly on Äspet. Äspet is a nature reserve with beaches, large sand-hills, forest and a lagoon where many bird species thrive luring birdwatchers during high seasons. To find it drive south on route 118, cross Helge river and then turn right towards Äspet following the river bank. A good parking place is close to the bird watching towers. 

The other bird tower at some distance.

North-easterly direction with the bird lagoon partly visible on the left.

My APP "LightTrac" informed about the time, 6.09 AM in this case, and direction for the sunrise. It is good to be on time because the speed of the sun rising is surprisingly fast and camera settings are ideally set beforehand.

First moments. Sun rising next to the bird watching tower.

The sun moves rapidly and gets brighter changing the light conditions.

Flare on the lens suggest light conditions are getting too intense.

 It is then time to move to another position because the show is not over yet. The next 30 minutes or so offer new angles and opportunities including shadows and "golden" moments like in the below two pictures. But the sun is still moving fast and every moment is critical. The tree comes handy allowing to play with the light a bit longer.

Further along the path the bird tower is still visible but the scene looks different.

The sunlight is very strong and best hidden behind the tree.

At this point the best opportunities are used and it is time to head back home. Mrs. T is waiting for a lift to work at 7.45 AM latest. Walking towards the car still offer a few photographic opportunities: Bulls grazing next to the bird tower that, who knows, might get handy for other reasons, too.

Breakfast time!

A second bird watching tower closer to Helge river and the harbor area of Åhus.

Factories in the Åhus harbor area already busy at this time.

I have now reached the car and head for home. Good, just enough petrol to take me home. Or so I thought. Having driven two-thirds of the distance the meter for petrol suddenly indicated ZERO - or not even zero but only "------"  WELL NOW, what should one do? Find the closest petrol station and risk that one runs out of petrol anyway OR continue towards home destination where there is a petrol station for sure. I chose the second alternative and kept my fingers crossed. Crossing fingers helps - I MADE IT and MRs. T got to her job on time. 

Hope you liked this little excursion. At least you did not get up early to experience it.



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