Saturday, 14 June 2014

Knitting for Peace

We moved into Skåne in April and the welcoming into Östra Göinge municipality has been overwhelming. We met our neighbors Mats, Conny and Bengt the very first week and they, like all the others, have been most helpful. We then met Anna-Stina at the library and through her Gerd who has joined a knitting group set up by the church. Our hobbies include photographing, music and opera, travel, now gardening and of course knitting. Mrs T accepted right off the invitation to join this group and very soon Gerd was only too kind to supply Mrs. T with a loom that she now is a proud owner of. Today the group called attention to World Wide Knit in Public Day by sitting down in Broby city centre for two hours. The day before they had tied up some of their work in trees outside the Cultural Hall to make a difference and spread positive feelings. They want to knit for peace. Gerd believes that knitting can make a person good and happy and we want to underline that.

World Wide Knit in Public Day - Broby city centre.

Leaflets were spread out some days before to lure new participants. From last year the core group has grown to about 10 persons but all interested are welcomed, men all the same. Guidance and support is guaranteed to everyone. The group met up during busy shopping hours to attract by-passers attention. The Photographer that had been summoned soon received more duties including distributing leaflets to any and all like-minded persons. Those who were not troubled by a camera considered the information as "most interesting".  Above the group stands outside the beautiful Broby church. Right-hand top picture Gerd (left), the master mind, is sitting next to Britt while the other members join up on the benches. From here the group moved towards the Cultural Hall nearby.

Mrs. T straightening out knitted peace objects on display.

And from the Cultural Hall the last leg of today's journey led the group to Linnéas Coffée House for a well deserved cup of coffée, tea or soft drink - the Photographer seldom forget about sweet breads and he wants to say thank you for the nice company and for actively spreading the peace message in our community. Today's good work had been done and it remains to welcome all interested to the regular meetings at the Cultural Hall White School starting 28th August - no cost and no pre notification required. Your inspirational ideas and opinions matter!

Mrs. T and Gerd sharing their passion: The Loom! THANK YOU GERD!

Knitting for Peace left to right: Gerd, Zazza, Brita, Anna-Kerstin, Britt (sitting), Lena, Mrs. T, Barbro, Kerstin.

Thank you Ladies for a great morning!

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