Thursday, 19 June 2014

Contemporary art and veteran fire engines

Kristianstad Art Hall

Kristianstads Art Hall until 26th October, 2014.

The Regional Museum in Kristianstad hosts exhibitions on Skåne County history, art, culture and film. We had earlier noticed the Absolut Art Collection on display and now had a chance to visit the Art Hall in connection with the Regional Museum. Together the Museum and the Art Hall form an impressive cultural centre at no cost to the visitor. This center is very relaxed where anyone can step in to view the basic or changing exhibitions, to digest ecological food or a cup of coffée or to buy articles and books related to Skåne. There is also a separate section for children and during the summer they show films daily. Want to see East of Eden, Hair, Hunchback of Notre Dam, Grace off Monaco or historical films on Skåne then find your way to the Film Museum a short distance away. Tuesdays are for children. The films are also free with the exception of newly released films (on Wednesdays) where they charge a modest fee of 70 crowns. 

FACE IT - Absolute Art Collection

Absolute Art Collection has its home at the Museum of Spirits in Stockholm and has around 850 works by 500 artists that were commissioned by Absolut Company for product branding purposes. Andy Warhol was the first artist contacted and a copy of his work was on display (middle picture, right hand side - smallest picture). Artists from different parts of the world have contributed with their work that is very impressive. The Art Hall is in the same block as the Regional Museum so it is easy to step into the other exhibitions on Kristianstad and e.g. the POP Design Culture Fashion from London that highlights the influence of Pop Culture on design media. 

Hässleholm Museum on Transport

The first fire engine to arrive at Hässleholm in 1920.

While Mrs. T looked after her businesses downtown I had the chance to visit this museum that hosts a number of different vehicles including fire engines, chariots (from Hovdala Castle and others) as well as military vehicles.  They take particular pride in the fact that all vehicles are still functional. Time allowed me only to see the two first mentioned but a glimpse of the military section indicated that this offer interesting photographic opportunities e.g. in black and white. Every Wednesday this museum display vehicles at Tykarpsgrottan (caves at Tykarp) in the evening when you also can visit the caves on guided tours. There are similarly themed museums also in Ystad, Ängelholm and Ljungbyhed for anyone interested (rebates apply).

Vehicles of different ages at the Transport Museum.

Wanås ART

Allow me to finish by reminding you that Wanås ART is open for the season. Here art, nature and history meet up. They host one of the leading Sculpture Parks in the world - placed in the surrounding grounds - where more than 60 sculptors, including Yoko Ono has contributed with their works. A historical exhibition on the Swedish-Danish wars is displayed in Wanås Castle that, in this days, was a centre for the pro-Danish Snapphane guerrilla. Wanås is for the entire family.

Wanås Castle in North-Eastern Skåne.

Culture and particularly ART is a big thing in Skåne - hope you find the above inserts interesting.

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