Monday, 23 June 2014

Hooray Drakamöllan

A general view over the concert area at Drakamöllan.

Having arrived in Skåne in April one of our main issues was to find out how to nourish our cultural appetite with concerts and opera. Osby Borgen nearby and their direct broadcasts from Metropolitan was one solution and Drakamöllan's opera festival another local opportunity. Of Drakamöllan's programs we choose their concert on the midsummer week-end. This way our program would be complete for the festivity including Swedish and Finnish traditions as well as something of our own.
At the time of booking we did not know it but we where going to be in for a really good treat.

Drakamöllan is both the name of the Nature Reserve established in 1962 and the Country Hotel beautifully located in a green hilly area with deciduous forest where domestic animals has grazed for ages. They serve private guests during week-ends and summer-time. At other times they organize different kind of events including weddings and conferences. Their kitchen has gained a reputation and is open only for their staying guests. They have also picked up the great idea of presenting operas and concerts on their grounds. The staff want to provide everyone with a personal and unique treat and they indeed succeeded with yesterday's concert.

Drakamöllan is beautifully located in a peaceful environment. 

The above mosaic collection show how quests arrive in Drakamöllan and get together on the green slopes for the concert. This year the rain was ON and OFF (mostly OFF) but as a general reflection this did not bother the audience that normally is up to some 700 persons. We arrived early with our picnic basket and found a place with good visibility over the stage.

Waiting for the concert to start.

Having settled down the first rain set in and created a huzzle when everybody reached out for their covers. Mrs T choose her rain coat instead of an umbrella. Some guests had their lunch with convenient drink at this stage. The group is warming up.

And here we go!

The whole performance could not have been organized better. It started at 14.00 hours and finished at 17.30 sharp with a 45-60 minute intermission for lunch etc. The program included both classical music and traditional songs like Sjösala vals and others. The classical music was carefully selected for this particular environment. Therefore Nordic Nationalism and Romance was present through Grieg and Sibelius, both with their distinctive idioms as composers. We enjoyed Solveig's Song and Elegia and the peaceful tones was so well adapted by the surrounding nature.  A perfect match! And what a chamber orchestra Huaröd has! The soloists included stars from the Copenhagen and Malmö operas and if someone must be mentioned as a personal favorite then it is Cecilia Lindwall, a soprano that has performed many opera roles in Scandinavia and Germany. Drakamöllans Opera Coir consists of singers from Hässleholms Vocal Ensemble and Trefaldighetskyrkan in Kristianstad. Nils Jörgen Riis from Denmark talked us through the event in his professional but relaxed manner. At one point everyone was on the limited stage that looked crowded to say the least, but no doubt the safety issues had been taken into account.

Participants and quests in action and Mrs. T looking comfortable.

Drinks consumed tend to activate the renal system - precautions taken!

Mrs. T and I indeed want to credit the organizers for their efforts. The good new is that there is more to come in October this year through to March next year. Visit  for more information. The below picture will have to make out as the flower bouquet to the organizers. 

Thank you Drakamöllan for a most interesting afternoon!


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