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Denningarum Farm
Designhotel Pappersbruket 

Welcome to Denningarums Farm in Östanå, Scania.


We have been living in Östra Göinge for more than a year and only now, prompted by an advertisement, decided to pay a visit to Östanå that is off the main road 19. A hidden gem it is for a holiday seeker that look for a touch of wilderness, lush green scenes and a touch of adventure also for the younger family members.

Östanå in Östra Göinge municipality.

The village of Östanå was built around a paper mill that was operational from the 18th century until 1981. River Helge, the largest river in Scania measured by the volume of flowing water, passes the village and stretches out towards the Denningarum Farm on the outskirts of the village. To get to the village you can follow the signs from the main road, pass the village and after a few kilometers turn right. When you cross river Helge you can admire the wilderness scenery next to the farm.

Close but yet remote with wilderness scenes.

Denningarum Farm

A very welcoming environment for the whole family.

Denningarum Farm is operated by Karin and Ulf Ivarsson and their team. They offer a multitude of activities including canoeing, adventure packages, a large playing ground for the children, self-picking of flowers, fruit and berries, water excursions and mingling with animals. The Farm shop offer local delicacies and a home cooked lunch is served daily during the season at a fixed time.

Fields, garden, playground, farm shop, catering.....

Fresh flowers hanging up-side down to dry....for long-term use. Lovely!

The beautiful nature by River Helge tempt a visitor for water activities. Why not rent a boat for a cruise on the river with lunch or dinner. You may alternatively opt for playful competitions, fishing or sauna bathing. The farm also offer a simple hut accommodating up to 10-12 persons. Special daytime events like birthdays, conferences, family reunions or e.g. school excursions including buffé can be organized for up to 80 persons. The owners are only too happy to fulfill customers special wishes.

Check their website: www.denningarumsgard.nu

Canoeing, "yachting", adventure, animals ...anything the family can desire.

Beautiful summer sceneries.

Ready to go! Are you?

Lamas, emus, guineapigs, rabbits, chicken and much for children to enjoy.

Designhotel Pappersbruket

This former paper mill by river Helge has now been transformed into a stylish designhotel with a "touch of secrecy" as the the owners Peter Severin (artist) and Jessica Kriesz (designer) proclaim. They offer a unique, historical and inspirational atmosphere for relaxed accommodation, conferencing, courses and other events. They are all ecological in their dining as well as their special AromaBad offering including massage. They organize FESTIVE events with own design furniture, chandeliers, old porcelain and full of feeling. 

DO CHECK THEIR WEBSITE: www.pappersbruket.se  and get prepared for a very special treat!

Designhotel Pappersbruket collaborate with Wanås Art (sculpture park and much more) nearby and they are a fantastic relaxed and welcoming alternative to what might have been your first choice. 

AMAZING is the word!

Designhotel Pappersbruket - a fabulous concept!

Dear me! What a great day out to the neighboring Östanå village with both the farm and the design hotel to experience. Both cary excellent concepts in their own distinct ways. WE CAN ONLY RECOMMEND BOTH SERVICES TO ANYONE and express our sincere appreciation for the welcoming atmosphere in both places.

And by the way, 1st May each year Östanå organize a big carnival event!

Have a great week everyone!


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