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Ingeborrarp - Refreshing if not Euphoric

Ingeborrarp - Refreshing if not Euphoric

Outstanding Cultural Landscape Scenery

- For a quiet afternoon with a glass of wine
-  For Playful team events
- For an educational guided tour in the museum

Interior of the main house.

Scania is hosting a number of historically very interesting and beautiful cultural landscape sceneries. They all tell us of the past; how we worked and lived, how we socialized and managed our daily routines. Ingeborrap Open-air Museum is taking a keen interest in handicrafts because the municipality of Örkelljunga, as a district, has been strong in handcrafting and less so in agriculture. They display a number of workshops and offer a special exhibition with a variety of wood crafts practiced in the region since 1750's. This museum is very well kept, situated in a tranquil place and very photogenic.

Discovery of the day: A wooden water pump.

Örkelljunga is in northern Scania along the E4 highway.

The above water pump is just one great example of the skills people possessed - a masterpiece of manually fabricated construction to pump up the water and made of locally available materials. Working the wood is a very strong tradition that is still visible particularly during the Xmas Season Markets when you can find fantastic hand crafted ornaments with such detailed and precise work that makes you wonder how it is possible to cut, shape and place with such a precision. The history also have so many great stories to tell like the one when a young couple had been married for a year and they wanted to celebrate it - with a lump of sugar EACH (Source: Örkelljunga - En Hantverksbygd by N-A Brings)

Interior of the wonderful and well equipped museum.

Ingeborrarp is a place to come to if you only want to sit down and do nothing but sense the warm air, the aroma of the nature and let your eyes relax on the landscape.....and there is no rush to leave. Of course, a glass of wine would not necessarily spoil this feeling - a question of personal taste, it is.

But then again the organizers also offer activities like markets, courses and e.g. playful team events. They offer guided tours as well and it struck my mind that, unless already organized, it might tempt people to go on a day's cultural landscape excursion to selected places together with a guide.

The fabulous cultural landscape of Ingeborrarp.

The nice thing also is that the visitor can walk freely in the workshops that are very well kept and carry plenty of genuine tools to provide for an authentic atmosphere of former working conditions. The work was not always that lucrative but people helped each other out and managed with hard work. To commercialize something it could take a long walk to reach a market place where goods often were traded for other goods and not necessarily money.

The forge and a mechanical workshop.

Other interesting work shops; The smithy, The shoemaker and The Timber Museum.

The loft above the old water driven saw mill carry this exhibition where one can admire the work of others skillful hands. The quality is admirable and of course using wood nowadays, instead of plastics, seems almost luxurious. This is also is a photographers paradise but time did not allow for any artistic close-up photography.

An interesting exhibition displaying various handicrafts.

Details of the handicraft exhibition.

The Farm Shop is a hazardous place! They offer delicacies and art work as well as literature that one cannot resist. Or how would you like traditional chocolate sirop on your ice-cream? Or Blueberyjam with arrac? Or private labelled herbal salts? They all tasted fantastic and the chocolate sirop will not take long to finish. A warm appreciation also to the very kind shop assistant that offered a tasting of many of the products. And if anyone is hungry the Inn will provide for a tasty lunch.

Interior of the high quality Farm Shop.

 The Scanian cultural landscape is unique and offer so much to experience, learn and feel. And above all it safeguards old traditions for the future generations to understand and appreciate. Ingeborrarp is a major attraction dating back 150 years. It is an excellent venue for many kind of events for both smaller and larger groups. Do check their website that also exist in English:

The good old days!

Thank you also to all the readers. Hopefully this photographic excursion has been interesting and added something new to your knowledge about Scania - the region of relaxed and genuine friendliness.

Have a great week-end everyone!


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