Monday, 15 June 2015

WWKiP Day in Östra Göinge

World Wide Knit in Public Day
The Largest Knitter Run Event in the World
A Solidarity Act Among Knitting Friends

WWKiP Day celebrated in Östra Göinge

The World Wide Knit in Public Day was launched in 2005 by Danielle Landes in order to bring together like-minded local knitters to share there thoughts and ideas around knitting that normally tend to be a rather solitary act. On June 13 each year the knitters of the world join together. The event has grown from 25 local events around the world to 882 events in 56 countries this year.

Some work displayed at Broby, Östra Göinge.

Local events are all different and up to the organizers to shape. Local traditions and wishes are important. "Knitting for Peace" is the theme for this group in Östra Göinge that has again grown from last year. Gerd-Inger Persson, who is the master mind behind the group, is pleased that so many have turned up to show and discuss their works. She points out that the event is both for ladies and gentlemen to join.

Knitting Groups in Sweden. (Source: WWKiP Day)

Sweden is well represented in the league of WWKiP Day (source: WWKiP Day).

Some of the skillfully crafted work displayed.

The events are open to everyone, young and old as well as men and women and offer a chance to know your neighbor better or make entirely new friends. This works also across the borders through the website of  WWKiP Day that bring forward cultural differences in a creative and joyful atmosphere. 

The young man joined the group with his family.

Broby Angels (Stina and Thomas Nilsson), in the background, serve sausages sponsored by the Church of Sweden.

Vivid discussion between group members on the topic of the day.

Gerd-Inger's group is very active and the members wants to display their colorful work at public places while  advocating for peace. Decorations, with their enlightening message, have found their place in waster paper bins and posts on the side of the streets in Broby. One campaign was carried out in Berlin in commemoration of the ending of the second world war.

Colorful sweaters produced for the youngest in the family.

A sincere thanks to Gerd-Inger for her kind invitation and the Broby Angels for their excellent service on a warm and sunny day and best of luck to your future projects carrying the message of peace and harmony to all of us. 

Have a very good week everyone!



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