Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Ivö - Hovdala - Äspet in February

Images from the northeastern corner of Scania in February

Ivö - The largest island in Scania
Hovdala Castle in winter attire
Äspet Beaches

IVÖ - The largest island in Scania

Lake Ivö with the island of Ivö at the right - high season.

The island of Ivö is the largest island in Scania and can be reached by the only highway ferry in Scania. It belongs to the municipality of Kristianstad and has 170 inhabitants but lives up summer time to offer tourism services. Sixty million years ago the island was surrounded by sea with a rich fauna including sharks and giant saurians. Today Ivö is also know for its production of ginger bread that is produced in a volume of 100´s of thousands making it a large producers per capita.

Late afternoon over Lake Ivö from the shores of Ivö.

What could have been a harbour area for the old local quarry.

The limestone quarry from late 19th century including the factory employed about 500 people but was closed in the 1950's. The small village hosts a medieval church and Ivö Manor, a focal point for touristic and outdoor activities (canoeing, hiking, cykling, fishing, swimming etc).

Hovdala Castle in winter attire

Hovdala Castle

The medieval castle of Hovdala is situated just south of Hässleholm. Due to its location also this castle has been a war scene and the tower in the background carry marks from attacks by Swedish groups during the Scanian war 1675-1679. Summer time visitors can book for guidance through the the castle, its museum, exhibitions and park with its orangery. 

A park scene with the orangery.

Äspet Beaches in February

Long exposure over the stones at Äspet near Åhus.

Low season on the beaches.

This season my Hoya Variable Density filter has become very useful and has also been used for competitive purposes,

During the recent weeks we have done a lot of work expanding our photographic interests from cover pictures as well as writing articles and posts to producing slideshows and photo book(s). 

The social network has grown into www.ezinearticles.com , www.wordpress.com www.photonet.com, www.photocrowd.com, 500px, SmugMug, Flickr and the distribution is covering several social websites from LinkedIn to Twitter, App.Net, Google+ to Facebook. Also EzineArticles carry some pictures. Articles appear also in REDDIT and an attempt is made to follow also Quora. This blog (Zappy Scanian)  is changing its profile slightly offering more pictures and less general written information or stories in the future with the idea of keeping Facebook friends aware of the offerings of Scania. 

The show is going on and getting more intense as well as highly interesting. Hope you will enjoy also the articles. They can be found e.g. via the "action centre" of www.thomastapio.com where you can also experience slides shows from Scania (and hopefully Andalusia soon).

Happy readings to you all - enjoy and do pass on suggestive words whenever you feel like doing so.

Have a relaxing week everyone!


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