Thursday, 20 November 2014

Tall and lively Hallamölla water falls

A Nature Reserve by river Verke

Include the highest water falls in Skåne at Hallamölle.

Hallamölle upper falls are all in all 23 meters high.

Skåne has many great Nature Reserves. This one by river Verke offer different natural scenes from the river banks to the hills of Brösarp, the seaside meadows at Havängen or e.g. Christinehov Castle Ekopark. This time the photographic mission was to capture the highest water falls of Skåne, the Hallamölla falls. These are situated in the western part of the nature reserve (Verkeån Agusa-Hallamölla) close to Hallamölla Farm. Over thousands of years the river has worked itself into the sandstone and now form a ravine where the river stepwise falls 23 meters.

To find Hallamölla drive south on route 19 and turn right after Brösarp, sign Christinehov Castle. After 2,5 km's turn right again and drive 600 meters to the Hallamölle Farm and follow signs to the old mill and the water falls. (Map: Google)

Hallamölle upper falls

From the Hallamölle farm drive on a few hundred meters to the parking space following the river. The old mill at the centre of the falls is dated back to the 15th century and it operated until the end the 1940's. The present mill house was constructed in 1850's and it is still intact and can, if operated, generate 75 hp's ( Other business here where e.g. a dye works and some flower mills. Additionally Thomas Nilsson created a substantial retailing business that was widely known (through a large product selection and festivities organized in the manor) but eventually was lost in the early 1900's.

Hallamölle lower falls and the mill visible in the background.

The two water falls, Forsakar and Hallamölla, are not too far from each other and offer both beautiful sceneries. Hallamölle is larger and, as part of the river Verke Nature Reserve, offer a more varied nature but Forsakar is what one might want to call a gorgeous "fantasy land" with its beech trees and the ravine there. Hallamölle is also in a lush area and it will be thrilling to pay another visit in the spring. 

Riverbanks of the Verke river. In a nature reserve trees stay where they have fallen. The leaves have fallen to the ground and offer colorful photogenic opportunities (below).

Skåne has so much to offer. Next time you pay a visit or drive through do not forget that the region of "OpenSkies" also have elevations and beautiful water falls in a nature park setting.

Have a very good weekend everyone and take care!


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