Saturday, 23 August 2014

Ballingstorp, Östra Göinge


Ballingstorp inner garden

We have several times paid attention to a road sign along route 19 on our way home saying "Ballingstorp 2" and a few times wanted to pay a visit to this old croft originally mentioned in the 16th century. Today we decided to visit the site and found a fantastic, cosy milieu two kilometers from the main road. The site was donated by the last farmer in 1953 to the local authorities that are preserving the place in its original condition. Unfortunately we could not enter the buildings but the surroundings gives plenty of interesting work for a photographer. 

A narrow path from the inner garden out to the fields.

The croft was leased to local farmers and the first farmer in 1532 was Trued Jennssön who provided the landlord with crop, firewood, peat and labour as rent. Bee-keeping, fishing and gardening were also important for the household. The present buildings, typical for this area, are mainly built in 18th and 19th centuries but part of the building timber is dated to the 17th century. 

Entry to Ballingstorp.

This croft site is rather big and offer plenty of details to photograph from different angles. We stayed about two hours on a sunny day. Mrs. T pointed out that there are two large tables and benches available for picnickers in these peaceful premises and this place is not far from us. She also tried out the pump for the well, without luck though.

View of the backside of the main building.

Above information is derived from and www.skaneshembygdsfö and there is much more available e.g. about the construction technique and living in this croft over the centuries. A really beautiful site it is and something of a hidden gem.

Details of the croft and Mrs T investigating the situation with the well.

View from the road over the stone fence.

Thank you for sharing our interest in this wonderful site. The final picture is taken from the inner garden and reminds us that there are still summer days left before we enter the fall. If you visit the place you may be as lucky as Mrs. T to spot an eagle (kungsörn in tho case) close up. Unfortunately my camera was focussed on something else at that moment. 

Ballingstorp 23rd August, 2014. 

Tomorrow is the day for the AIR SHOW at Kristianstads airport. Weather forecast is promising acceptable photographing conditions so we hope to be back soon. Meanwhile, enjoy your week-end.


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